Spiral Stairway, Loft Stair Kits & Modular Staircase Products

Kit-Escaliers sells a variety of loft stairs and spiral stairway accessories including, spindles, balustrades, staircase kits, and more.

Our modular, do it yourself stairs are crafted from high quality wood and metal and are fully customized to suit any interior or exterior stairway project you may have. Because our wood and metal stairs are designed to your specifications, they are easy to install and guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to your spiral stairway or loft stairs project.

Loft Stair Kits

Karina Collection
Karina Staircase

The Karina Stairkit is a stylish staircase is ideal for situations with narrow spaces, such as connecting a loft or an attic. As such, the Karina is a perfect space saver that adds contemporary touch to any interior.

Colours: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke

Karina Details & Photos
Karina Install Guide

Spiral Stair Kits

Eureka Collection
Eureka Staircase

The Eureka Stairkit is an Indoor / Outdoor, Painted, Anti-Corrosion Steel Circular Staircase. Eureka staircase is available in three colours.

Colours: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke

Eureka Details & Photos
Eureka Install Guide
Phoenix Collection
Phoenix Staircase

The Phoenix Stairkit is a contemporary Italian designed spiral staircase offers sleek looking wooden treads and clean lines.

Colours: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke

Phoenix Details & Photos
Phoenix Install Guide
Civik Collection
Civik Staircase

The Civik Stairkit is a contemporary indoor spiral staircase kit designed in Italy. It offers sturdy steel treads and clean lines.

Colours: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke

Civik Details & Photos
Civik Install Guide
Enduro Collection
Enduro Staircase

The Enduro Steel Stairkit is an outdoor spiral staircase. This spiral staircase combines durability with quality.

Colours: Silver
Manufacturer: Arke

Enduro Details & Photos
Enduro Install Guide

Modular Stair Kits

Kompact Collection
Kompact Staircase

The Kompact Stairkit is covered by a worldwide patent, Kompact is the only modular spiral stairway with adjustable rise, going, height, depth and rotation. Its total flexibility allows endless stairway configurations, with 1 or 2 one quarter turns (L or U) to fit any space.

Colours: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke

Kompact Details & Photos
Kompact Install Guide



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